We are an EDM record label based in Poland, founded in 2020 by Mateusz Okreglicki (Enkei) with help of Seweryn Narolewski (Dusko)
and now owned by bartlomiej brzezinski (timitiou)
We are mainly focused on all kinds of Bass Music, but it obviously doesn't mean we don't accept other genres. We are open to any genre, any style and any artist. Creativity is the key!The label was created in April 28th, when our first track (Headstart by Dusko) was released.
We have quickly gained our first 1000 followers on Soundcloud and started growing up on other platforms.
We are still working to get better and trying to get more recognization in EDM community, we are always learning new things and enlarging our team. We're glad that we already have such an awesome (even if not big) fanbase, thank you!